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Hello! Here we will tell you how to get to us, and stay!
1) Register on the registration page.
2) Becomes familiar with the rules of the project.
3) Download our client Cybeface - DOWNLOAD. It already has everything set up and installed, so go directly to step (8).
3.1) Those who already have a FIRESTORM client can customize and add our grid (NOT ALL FIRESTORM VERSIONS SUPPORT OPENSIM), or download the Firestorm browser program to connect to our virtual world. Pay attention to the program to support the opensim network.
4) Install the program. The installation process is described in detail on the website with the program.
5) After installation, run Firestorm, go to the menu - Client-Settings.
6) In the settings we select opensim (1), and in the field (2), under the inscription "Add a new grid", add the following line: Then click the "Apply" button (3). Everything, the network is added to the list, and should be displayed.
7) Close the settings window. In the main window of the program, at the bottom, opposite the Grid, select the Cyberface network..
8) Enter the name of your avatar (1) that you specified when registering. ATTENTION! The avatar name consists of two words. MUST enter through the SPACEBAR! For example: Vasya Pupkin.
9) Enter the password of your avatar (2).
10) Enter button "Log in" (3).